Polielettronica was founded in 1963. The first machine produced was an automatic enlarger called Colormix. Several thousands of this enlarger were sold all over the world. Other successful machines were the Printermix printer, the Printestar printer and the Printervideo printer. Printervideo was the first printer worldwide to use a negative inversion system, allowing users to see the image on a monitor before printing. Polielettronica continued to grow on the success of these machines, and has now reached 15.000 square meters in offices, laboratories, electronic and mechanical departments, and warehouse, plus the research, development and prototyping department. Offices, warehouses, electronic and mechanical departments are situated in S.Maria Maddalena, a small town near Ferrara, about 50 km. from Bologna and 100 km. from Venezia. A photographic laboratory used for tests and show room for the customers, and a specialized mechanical department, are situated in Occhiobello, about 5 km. from S.Maria Maddalena. Most of our employees have a degree or hold a certificate. Sales abroad began more than 25 years ago, and our printers are now sold in Europe, America and Asia. Offices Research and Development Department Electronics Assembly and Testing Department Mechanical Department Warehouse Packaging and Shipping Street view of offices All our products are developed at Polielettronica in Italy Keyboards testing Electronic boards testing All mechanical parts are made using the latest generation of numerical control machines All received components and parts are stored and catalogued After testing, the printer is disassembled Every part is carefully packaged Overhead view of Polielettronica, in S. M. Maddalena (Italy) © 2018 POLIELETTRONICA S.p.A - Partita I.V.A. IT00964990295 Note Legali  -  Legal Notice Home Corporate Overview Products Where to Buy Our Addresses News Requests and Comments Inizio Profilo dell’Azienda Prodotti Dove Acquistare I Nostri Indirizzi Novità Richieste e Commenti POLIELETTRONICA S.p.A. - Manufacturer of Electronic Equipment for Professional Photographic Printing  - Produttore di Apparecchiature Elettroniche per la Stampa Fotografica Professionale