Manufacturer of Electronic Equipment for Professional Photographic Printing Produttore di Apparecchiature Elettroniche per la Stampa Fotografica Professionale POLIELETTRONICA S.p.A. © 2017 POLIELETTRONICA S.p.A - Partita I.V.A. IT00964990295 Note Legali  -  Legal Notice LaserLab HR 3D Complete 3D Printing Solution, same Polielettronica quality. Unbelievable exposure engine, capable of adjusting its resolution within 1/100 of a DPI! Working range 300,00 -1219,00 DPI. Continuous tone exposure guarentees perfect photographic results. Built-In PITCH test tool makes matching resolution and lenticular sheets extremely simple. Enhancement tools for images created by the SHOT Program allows reaching the best results for 3D images No 3D Glasses required! Polielettronica 3D Equipment From shooting the image to assembling acrilic lenses 3D Shooter Camera Automatic UV Glue Dispenser UV Curing Station Lens-Print Coupler and Press Lenticular Mounting Kit